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Esplora Interactive Science Centre takes us on a journey through its various events, exhibitions, workshops and shows as it invites children (and their parents, too) to give in to their curiosity and discover brand new things

Would you ever think of visiting an Interactive Science Centre whilst on holiday? Does the word ‘science’ stir up images of endless boring lessons at school? Well, if you’ve ever visited a science centre you may think otherwise and if you haven’t, you can now explore for yourself in Malta.

If you’re looking for a fun day out, Esplora Interactive Science Centre in Kalkara is a great family attraction, which presents science and technology in unique and inspiring ways. It is one of Malta’s must-see visitor attractions, with lots of activities to keep visitors of all ages entertained for the whole day. ere are over 200 indoor and outdoor interactive science exhibits, hands-on workshops, science shows, activities and a Planetarium!

A typical day at Esplora would begin inside the main building, where the main exhibit halls are spread out across three floors, accessible via lifts or the impressive helical staircase. Here, visitors may interact with installations that deal with different aspects of science, from Electricity and Magnetism to Forces and Motion, Human Biology, Music, Media and much more. Each exhibit is an interactive and hands-on experience, for visitors of all ages. One thing you will never see at Esplora are signs saying “do not touch”.

The Esplora Interactive Science Centre

Photo: Rene Rossignaud

Here everyone is encouraged to touch, feel and use the exhibits in a hands-on, body-on, mind-on approach. The basement level of the main building is intended for explorers aged eight and under; and includes ball machines and an art machine, leading onto the beautiful port-side garden for more exploration and safe outdoor activities. Staff will encourage you to engage and be curious about the world around you in a fun environment.

Have your little ones ever wondered about their body’s internal and external systems? Or simply want to know what bubbles are made of? They can find out all about this in the Me, My Body & I workshop, while they can discover how bubbles are formed and why they are so colourful as well as get the chance to step inside of one of our famous life-sized bubbles during the Beautiful Bubbles show.

A Chemical Curiosity is a homegrown show where older children aged 7 to 8, can enjoy exciting chemical reactions and discover how the rapid decomposition of hydrogen peroxide can be used to form elephant toothpaste. Ingenious Engino Inventors bring a story to life through robotics.

Drop in the Creative Collisions workshop and form part of the automotive Engineering team, design and build a K’nex car with enough safety features to protect a raw egg from breaking upon impact with a wall. You can also discover the musical mysteries behind instruments in the Sounds Amazing show and so much more.

More of a history enthusiast? You may find the Cot Lift Exhibition interesting, as it tells the story of Villa Bighi building in its former life as a military hospital. Esplora boasts a sprawling outdoor area with stunning views of the Grand Harbour and Valletta. Here you can enjoy a quiet break or a snack and relax at the esploracafé.

From there you can make your way to Malta’s only Planetarium building for the Cosmos and Life in Space exhibitions, and enjoy the best full-dome shows as well as live presenter-led visualizations of astronomy of the amazing night sky of Malta. All in all, this immersive experience should not be missed!

Esplora has gained its Quality Assurance Seal from the Malta Tourism Authority and, together with one of its employees, was nominated for the Star Awards, which they won!

For more information, contact Esplora Interactive Science Centre on 2360 2300, or click here.