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An insight on the restored paintings of Olof Gollcher

An online lecture is being organised in a collaborative effort between Palazzo Falson Historic House Museum and History of Art Students’ Association (HoASA). The virtual lecture ART RESTORATION CONVERSATION – OLOF GOLLCHER’S PAINTINGS will be held on Donnerstag 27th Mai 2021 from 5pm to 6pm.

The lecture is aimed at giving an insight on the paintings of Olof Gollcher, recently restored by Prevarti. Caroline Tonna, curator and project leader, will give an overview on Olof Gollcher as an artist and his landscape and seascape painting in the 1920s; Dr Charlene Vella, art historian and lecturer at the University of Malta will analyse the artistic technique of Olof Gollcher; and Pierre Bugeja, head conservator at Prevarti, will explain the technical process of the restoration.

The restoration project was made possible thanks to funds obtained from the Majjistral Action Group Foundation under the LEADER Programme 2014-2020. The funding was made available through the Majjistral Action Group Foundation Measure 1: Restoration of Assets and Sites of Artistic and Cultural Value.





The lecture will be followed by a Q&A.

The lecture will be held on ZOOM on Donnerstag 27th Mai between 17.00pm and 18.00pm. Pre-booking is essential. You can secure your place by sending an email to bookings@palazzofalson.com or call on 2145 4512.

ZOOM link will be sent once booking is confirmed. Attendance is open for Friends of Palazzo Falson and History of Art students.

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