Zeit für Erkundungen mit esplora

Meet and eat al fresco at this charming spot in St.Julian's

Summer days taste sweeter when spent by the water’s Edge

The last year and a half has been tumultuous, to say the least and though there were times when we couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, the sun has indeed risen again. With a brand new spring in our step and a heavy dose of optimism, we definitely think it’s time to venture back out into the world and recover some semblance of our former social lives.

What better way to re-enter than at Radisson Blu Resort in St Julian’s and more specifically, The Edge restaurant? The famous Maltese summer has settled in nicely and there was no other way we wanted to celebrate the new season than by sipping delicious cocktails and digging into amazing food, as we watch the sun go down.

For the entirety of our long and tiresome work-filled week, my guest and I could not wait to spend our Freitag evening at The Edge. The day had finally arrived and we made our way to arguably one of the most idyllic summer spots on the island. Greeted by friendly staff, our temperatures were taken and our hands sanitised, as we made our way to our table. Overlooking the beautiful, deep blue Mediterranean water, contrasted by the light pink summer sky, it didn’t take us long to work out that the only thing that was missing from the equation was a Long Island Ice Tea and some stone-baked focaccia.

The hardest decision we had to make that evening was choosing a main each, when our deepest desire was to order the entire intriguing menu and just wing it. Clearly, the pandemic had construed our idea of what was socially acceptable. We opted to abide by social norms and ordered a variety of starters instead.

First up: stone baked focaccia with sundried tomatoes, Kalamata olives, rocket leaves and Grava shavings, alongside an impressively attractive dish of meager and prawn carpaccio. We weren’t done yet! We also ordered a ricotta and walnut salad and some asparagus, eggplant and tofu, just to balance things out. In a word: delicious. In some more words: some of the most fresh, delectable, perfect forkfuls we have ever had the pleasure of consuming. With every dish made to order, as a patron, it’s crystal clear how much value the chefs place on the quality of their ingredients.

As we sliced the last piece of red pesto drizzled burrata, we thought it was high time to order more cocktails. The Wet, a delightfully blue drink, filled to the brim with vodka, Malibu, green apple syrup and blue curacao, and a Frozen Margarita, which many of you know includes tequila, triple sec and fresh juice. The sun had started to set at this point and my guest and I couldn’t help but notice the complete serenity and tranquility of the restaurant and the surrounding area. A stone’s throw away from the heart of St Julian’s and yet, not a car to be heard.

Following the eclectic mix of starters, I was in the mood for a beautiful steak, more specifically, The Edge’s Prime Argentinian Beef Rib Eye steak. My guest, on the other hand, opted for grilled fresh swordfish, marinated in lime and peppercorn, tomato, caper and basil salsa. Our crispy salad and potato fries arrived and we knew we were in for a treat. Our mains were cooked to perfection and our empty plates were a testament to that. A single Grana shaving was all that remained on my plate that Freitag evening.

As we thanked the staff for a beautiful evening and we began walking back to our cars, which were just a few metres away, thanks to the free parking, we were already penciling in another dinner date at The Edge for the following week.

In addition to the stunning view, the free parking, the sublime, fresh food and varied menu, what really places The Edge a cut above the rest is the relaxed, laid back atmosphere, which we all crave on a cool, summer evening. If you haven’t penciled in a dinner date, then really, what are you waiting for?

Reserve your table by calling on +356 2137 4894 or find them on Facebook