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Neil Agius completes record-breaking swim in 52 hours


Neil Agius

Photo: Kurt Arrigo

Swimmer and anti-pollution activist Neil Agius completed his record-breaking 125.6km swim in Xlendi, Gozo, after setting off from Linosa on Montag evening.

The 35-year-old former Olympian broke the maritime World Record of swimming for the longest continuous, unassisted, current-neutral swim along a single segment natural route in an ocean, sea or bay. The previous record was set at 124.4km.

Agius took to Facebook earlier today to update his followers:

“Yesterday was the end of a cycle –all the hard work and sacrifices not only from myself but also my team shined through because we aced it. We swam; we had a tough time with a lot of weather which was against us, but we came out on top – so yeah, really feeling good”, Agius said.

Last year Agius became the second person in history to swim from Sicily to Malta in a record-breaking 28 hours, 7 minutes, and 27 seconds.

Agius’ challenges are part of a campaign being run by the Wave of Change, an environmental activist group founded by Agius himself, which aims to raise awareness on the damage plastic pollution is doing to our oceans.

Impressive beyond words and an inspiration to many.