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Noah’s Ark fundraiser to refurbish dog sanctuary

As the fundraiser campaign of Noah’s Ark in Mellieħa is entering its final month, the dog shelter is calling out to the public to help reach its target of €10,000. The dedicated volunteers of the Noah’s Ark are seeking to raise funds to refurbish the shelter’s dog pens and infrastructure to better service resident dogs at the sanctuary.

Noah's Ark have started refurbishment works in Mellieħa to provide more comfortable living conditions for the dogs in the sanctuary

Photo: Noah's Ark

While officially the fundraiser campaign is set to end in Juli, works are already underway with the funds already received, with bigger pens being set up making it easier to keep clean, whilst offering enhanced comfort and more space for the dogs to move around. The sanctuary has also set out to install insulated roofing to protect the dogs from the summer heat and winter cold.

Some dogs that the sanctuary provides home for suffer from persistent health conditions that make it difficult for them to be adopted. Hence, the pens need to be well-equipped, allowing for the dogs to be as comfortable as possible. Donations can be left at the GoGetFunding campaign page of Noah’s Ark [at gogetfunding.com/noahs-ark-dog-pens]. 

Fabio Ciappara, President of Noah’s Ark, said: “It has been heart-warming to see the level of donations we have received for this long overdue refurbishment. Although we continuously receive support from the community in the form of donations and volunteer support, the current revamp we are doing now needs a bigger investment. Amid our best efforts to offer dignified housing in this busy dog sanctuary, we are hopeful that the campaign will close by hitting our €10,000 funding goal. Every dog deserves the best care possible, wherever they are.”  

Noah’s Ark Dog Sanctuary was named winner of the Best Social Cause category at the 2020 Lovin Malta’s Social Media Awards. As the winner of its category, Noah’s Ark is benefitting from €10,000 in public relations, marketing and advertising consultation from BPC International, the award sponsor. 

Beyond this fundraising campaign, Noah’s Ark is always open for donations and helping hands in its dog sanctuary in Mellieħa, behind it-Torri l-Aħmar.