Celebrating the feast of St Joseph on 19 März

Celebrating the feast of St Joseph on 19 März


msida parish church celebrates the feast of st joseph

The feast of St Joseph is celebrated annually on 19 März, and it is one of the most significant religious events in Malta. St Joseph is considered to be the patron saint of workers, expectant mothers, fathers and the Universal Church.

The feast of St Joseph is celebrated in various localities across Malta, with each village and town adding its unique touch to the festivities. The celebrations usually start a week before the actual feast day and culminate in a grand procession and fireworks display on the 19 März. The traditional religious festivities include mass, processions, and the veneration of the statue of St Joseph.

The statue of St Joseph is the centrepiece of the celebrations, and it is usually adorned with various decorations, including flowers, ribbons, and lights. The statue is carried through the streets of the village or town, accompanied by a band and a large crowd of devotees. The procession is a sight to behold, with people dressed in traditional costumes and waving flags and banners. The Maltese are famed for their love of food, and the feast is an opportunity to indulge in some delectable traditional foods, including żeppoli, a traditional deep fried choux pastry.

Nevertheless, Malta is not the only country that honors St Joseph on 19 März; other countries with a remarkable Roman Catholic influence, such as Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Poland, also arrange pre-spring celebrations. The day has been celebrated as a special day since the 10th century AD, and since it falls during Lent, fish is typically substituted for meat on feasting tables.

The biggest celebrations on the day in Malta take place in Rabat and Mdina. While some businesses will close for the Feast of Saint Joseph, the majority of restaurants, cafés, and bars will stay open.

Apart from the religious and cultural celebrations, the feast of St Joseph is also an occasion for socialising and having fun. The streets are filled with vendors selling souvenirs and traditional food, and there are various events and activities organised throughout the week.

The celebrations culminate in a spectacular fireworks display, which is a highlight of the feast. Get a glimpse of the Maltese people’s love of sky illuminations before, during, and after the processions.

The feast of St Joseph is not only a celebration of the patron saint but also a celebration of Maltese culture and traditions. It is a time for families and friends to come together and enjoy the festivities, and it is an occasion for Maltese people to showcase their heritage and customs to the rest of the world. The Feast of St Joseph is a one-of-a-kind and spectacular experience that encapsulates Maltese culture and identity.