Celebrating International Bubble Tea Day in Malta on April 30

Celebrating International Bubble Tea Day in Malta On April 30

To all bubble tea lovers, mark your calendars for 30 April, as it’s International Bubble Tea Day.

First and foremost, although bubble tea is a widely popular beverage, many people are still quite unsure as to what it actually is. Bubble Tea originated in Taiwan back in the 1980s and has made its way to Westernised countries. Although there are many flavours and variations of bubble tea, the basic bubble tea consists of a tea base that is mixed with fruit, fruit juices and milk. The pearls that act as the bubbles in the beverage, are made of tapioca starch which comes from the cassava root. Bubble tea is greatly versatile as it is available in many flavours and can be either served as hot or iced. The flavours are endless with passionfruit, lychee, taro, almond, honeydew, green tea, chocolate and lavender to only name a few.

Bubble tea is slowly, but surely rising in popularity so with that, we explore the best places on the island where you can get your hands on this unique, creamy and quirky beverage. 

Tea Fusion, St. Julians, Valletta, Bugibba, Gzira, Sliema & Marsaskala

Via Tea Fusion

Perhaps the most popular bubble tea specialist on the island, their impressive range of flavours is probably what helped give them the title. They have four categories of bubble tea including;

  • Fruit Teas
  • Slushie/ Smoothie & Yoghurt
  • Milk Tea
  • Tea Infusion specials

Don’t be fooled by the small number of categories as each category contain more than 10 flavours and variations of bubble tea. Tea Fusion offer flavours such as ‘Oreo Lover Cheese Milk Tea’, ‘Yakult Pineapple Fruit Tea’, ‘Blueberry Milk Tea’, ‘Honeydew Milk Tea’, ‘Lemon Yoghurt’ and ‘Watermelon Milk Tea’ amongst many more delicious and creative flavours. 

GOG Bubble Tea, Gzira

Via GOG Bubble Tea

Also serving an extensive range of flavours and variations of boba tea, GOG customers will be spoilt for choice. They have many categories of bubble tea being;

  • GOG Special Drinks
  • Milk Tea
  • Smoothies
  • Fruit Tea
  • Pure Tea

They have unique flavours of boba tea such as ‘Original Pear Milk Tea’, ‘Matcha Brown Sugar Milk Tea’ and ‘Banana Smoothie’. GOG Bubble Tea also have multiple flavours of the boba itself, so customers can definitely experiment with new and interesting flavour combinations.

Milk Tea, Mosta

Via Milk Tea

Located in Wenzhou Asian supermarket, customers can create their own bubble tea with the available flavoured powder, creamer, sugar and flavoured boba for their very own bubble tea creation. If you would rather opt for pre-made, Milk Tea is also available on Wolt where you can order from a large selection of flavours ranging from the categories of;

  • Milk Bubble Tea
  • Fruity Bubble Tea
  • Smoothies

They offer unique flavours such as ‘Hokaido Milk Bubble Tea’, ‘Mango Milk Bubble Tea’, ‘Blueberry Fruit Bubble Tea’, ‘Kumquat Lemon Fruit Bubble Tea’ and ‘Red Dragon Smoothie’.