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 It was at Atelier 10 where Lino Borg, Justin Falzon, and Jesmond Vassallo, three Maltese artists and printmakers, joined forces with French master printmaker Laurent Nicolaï to experiment and learn more about the technique of lithography on stone. This resulted in Atelier 10 inviting other artists to create editions of their work and rediscover stone lithography. Therefore, 3 Maltese printmakers, 5 contemporary artists, a French lithographer, and 2 lithographic workshops worked together for a revival of the long-lost technique of stone lithography, a process that was taken up enthusiastically in Malta by a significant group of artists throughout the 19th century but survived only in an industrial and commercial context in the 20th century.For the first time in the last 100 years, five Maltese artists who had never used lithography before were introduced to the medium. Vince Briffa, Sue Flask, Debbie Caruana Dingli, Paul Scerri, and Robert Zahra all produced black and white images which exploited some of the possibilities of this process. The result entailed the creation of limited editions of very high-quality lithographs. The entire editions (no matter the size of the edition) were laboriously and individually printed one by one, by hand.Additionally, the exhibition will also see artworks from the National Collection by Michele Bellanti, Pietro Paolo Caruana, Antonio Falzon, and Filippo Benucci. 


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