Vari – Lilek Nafek Xi Mkien – is a theatrical production that takes one on a dark journey where childhood fears intertwine with the pains of adulthood; where the sacred transforms into the macabre, and no redemptive blood spills from Christ’s lance wound. But is all this just a childhood fantasy or a terrifying reality?  


Who is this mysterious character that constantly appears and disappears … in every single dream … sometimes masquerading as a doctor helping to bear the crucifix’s heaviness … at other times a sexton carrying a purple mantle and blood-soaked crown of thorns? 


This is a stage adaptation of the short story “Vari” written by Trevor Zahra which forms part of a larger collection entitled “Lubien” published in 1995. This short story is also included in “Xemghat”, a text being studied by students of Maltese at Advanced Level. 


This play is part of the Valletta Cultural Agency’s programme. 

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