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The mcdonald's x BTS collab has arrived

For any of you who may be counting down the days until the BTS Meal arrives at McDonald’s in Malta, the wait is over. The band’s signature order features a 9-piece Chicken McNuggets, large world famous fries, a large Coke and sweet chilli and cajun dipping sauces, both of which are inspired recipes from McDonald’s South Korea. 

Starting today, the meal can now be enjoyed at Maltese restaurants. 

The fun doesn’t stop there, however. McDonald’s are also offering another way to celebrated this highly anticipated collaboration. BTS and McDonald’s have dropped a show-stopping merch line on the Weverse Shop app. The head-to-toe collection was inspired by some of the hand-picked menu items from the meal, with dynamite threads such as hoodies, purple bathrobes, socks and sandals. 

Whether it’s the McDonald’s fry box logo with seven fries for each BTS member, or the marriage of BTS purple with McDonald’s red and gold, the designs are the perfect representation of an iconic partnership between two fan-favourite brands. To get your hands on the merch, just download the Weverse Shop app, create an account and prepare for the drop. 

“We know our customers and crew have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of our first celebrity signature order in Malta and we’re thrilled that the collaboration is finally here,” said Peter Hili, managing director of Premier Restaurants Malta. “We couldn’t be more excited to start seeing our guests enjoying the BTS meal and sporting their favourite pieces from the exclusive merch line,” he added.

McDonald’s is also introducing a new commercial featuring the band’s new single called Butter, on the heels of its chart-topping release last week. Check it out here.

Want to order the meal in Malta? 

Maltese customers can order the BTS Meal in-restaurant, at the Drive Thru or via McDelivery until 24 Juin 2021 or until stocks last!

With the BTS meal coming to nearly 50 markets on a global basis, customers worldwide will soon be enjoying the artists’ go-to McDonald’s favourites. The full list of participating markets and dates for meal availability can be found here