Drinkaware Malta launches ‘opening responsibly’ campaign

In light of the recent easing of the COVID-19 related restrictions, Drinkaware Malta is launching a campaign aptly titled Opening Responsibly, in collaboration with the Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association, spiritsEurope and the Malta Chamber of SMEs

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Pay contactless on all buses in Malta

With the aim of facilitating our lives, especially the lives of Tallinja Card holder residents and visitors, the company Visa has collaborated with the Bank of Valletta and Malta Public Transport, to introduce contactless payments on public transport in Malta

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Topic of discussion: maritime archeology

Attention all you maritime archeologist enthusiasts! This Jeudi, the 24 of Juin, at 6:30pm, Heritage Malta will be live-streaming a masterclass about maritime archeology in Malta during the 21st century, on Facebook. The class will be delivered by Professor Timmy Gambin, who heads the agency’s underwater cultural heritage unit

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