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A conversation with local musician and archivist Andrew Alamango

Francesca Balzan has a conversation with musician and archivist Andrew Alamango about reviving folk music in a contemporary way and digitising old photographs, music and audio visuals for posterity.

In the 7th episode of the podcast ‘Treasures from Malta’, Francesca Balzan and Andrew Alamango talk history, identity and għana (traditional Maltese folk singing). They delve into the richness and diversity of the multi-cultural influences that mark out Maltese music and popular culture and how this can be presented to contemporary audiences.

Andrew Alamango is a musician and archivist who has been the driving force behind Etnika, the band that reworked Maltese folk music and got the younger generation dancing to its beat. He also set up Malta’s Lost Voices, to make the earliest recordings of Maltese music accessible to the public, as well as creating the Magna Żmien project which digitizes old photographs, audio and audio visual material from private collections before it is all lost. He breathes new life into these old records by making them accessible to artists and an appreciative public.

Listen to the podcast here.