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More COVID-19 restrictions to be lifted

More COVID-19 restrictions to be lifted


Prime Minister Robert Abela has revealed that as of next Lundi, more COVID-19 restrictions will be lifted.

Abela said this during a press conference with Clyde Caruana, the finance minister, whilst also revealing that every worker and student in Malta will receive a €100 cheque, while pensioners and those on social benefits, will receive €200.

The restrictions

On 17 Janvier, people who had not yet received the booster dose and thus, were not in possession of the required certificates were unable to enter various commercial establishments, including bars, restaurants, gyms, just to name a few.

However, a few days later, health minister Chris Fearne announced that as of 7 Février, next Lundi, vaccine certificates would no longer be obligatory to enter any of the previously mentioned establishments.

Restrictions still in place

Where travel, casinos and nightclubs are concerned, the restrictions regarding the vaccine certificates still apply. Where masks are concerned, it is still obligatory to wear face masks in public places, unless you’re two vaccinated people. If a third person were to join you, regardless of their vaccination status, masks are to be work.

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