le temps d'explorer avec esplora

[READ] Oh My Malta Magazine Octobre issue now available to read online

[READ] Oh My Malta Magazine Octobre issue now available to read online


While most people visit Malta in summer, there are increasing number of tourists who seem to prefer a quick trip to Malta during the less popular seasons.

And there are several reasons for this. For some, the peak summer temperatures are simply too hot to handle. Others find the hordes of tourists a tad too overwhelming.

Even though the weather in Octobre can be a little tricky and unpredictable, most days are still warm and sunny with the exception of a few drizzles every now and then. But this shouldn’t stop you from taking a trip to the beach or planning an outdoor adventure.

With the sea temperatures never dropping below 14 degrees, Octobre is also an excellent month for exploring different diving sites. Everybody can enjoy snorkeling, but if you’re after the magic, you must consider scuba diving. Malta is  all about wreck diving, while the island of Gozo is more about scenic and geological underwater wonders.

Malta’s nautical community will soon be setting off in the most eagerly awaited sailing event of the year. It’s a must to get in on the action and watch boats speeding out of the harbour. Wave them off in style from any of Malta’s historic locations at the water’s edge such as Quarry Reef, Fort St Angelo, Dragonara Point, Barrakka Gardens and St Elmo Point.

On the very occasional rainy days, plan a trip to the theatre or immerse yourself in a creative world at one of the ongoing exhibitions by some of the best  local talent.

The things to see and do in Malta this Octobre are endless.

We couldn’t be happier to welcome you home.

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