Malta Breaks National Record At The 2023 GSSEs

Wednesday proved to be a big day for Team Malta at the 2023 GSSEs as they broke their national GSSE gold medal record.

Malta secured their 12th gold medal on Wednesday at the 2023 GSSEs which marks a new national record as their highest gold medal scoring was back at the 2003 GSSEs where they won 11 gold medals.

On the second day alone, Malta successfully bagged nine gold medals. Maltese athletes from a range of sports were successful in their victorious endeavours as Malta saw athletes in long jump, judo, 800m sprints, pole vault, squash and 10,000m sprints all perform exceptionally well, ultimately claiming gold medals. Malta also saw the 4x100m free swimming team take the 9th gold medal home.

Other athletes who also performed extremely well and also made their country proud, were 400m swimmers, Dylan Cachia and Sasha Gatt who both won bronze in the same event (men’s and women’s respectively), which is a truly phenomenal effort.

Left: Eleanor Bezzina via Maltese Olympic Committee & right: Malta's female Table Tennis Team via NETnews

Let’s take an even closer look at the gold medal distribution amongst Maltese athletes;

Eleanor Bezzina – Shooting

The Maltese men’s table tennis team – Table Tennis

Camella Iacob – Table Tennis (with her team, Viktoria Lucenkova, Renata Strbikova and Anthea Cutajar)

Clare Azzopardi – Long Jump

Katryna Esposito – Judo

Jordan Gusman – 10,000m race

Peppijna Dalli – Pole Vault

Collette Sultana – Squash

Lisa Maria Bezzina – 10,000m race

Men’s 4x100m swimming – Rudi Spiteri, Kyle Micallef and Matthew Galea Rahul Starface

Gina Mcnamara – 800m sprint

Jared Micallef – 800m sprint

We also shine a light on the Maltese athletes who won silver and bronze medals in their respective events on Wednesday;

Sasha Gatt – 400m freestyle (bronze)

Dylan Cachia – 400m freestyle (bronze)

Georgia Kate Bohl – 200m breaststroke (silver)

The 4x200m freestyle team – Sarah Demicoli, Sasha Gatt, Francesca Falzon Young and Mya Azzopardi (silver)

These results are truly impressive and Malta could not be more proud of what these athletes have accomplished. With only three more days to go, we cannot wait to see more impressive results.

Well done to all of our Maltese athletes.

*Note, the gold medal tally for Malta has been updated and Malta now leads in having the highest number of gold medals than any other country competing. Team Malta has now bought home 22 gold medals, 13 silver medals and 17 bronze medals.