capo crudo

the risto-lounge of dreams: CAPO CRUDO

Just a stone’s throw away from the crashing waves of the Mediterranean, Capo Crudo is arguably located in one of the island’s most beautiful locations, Marsamxett Harbour, in Valletta. 

The brainchild of extremely passionate, foodloving duo Keith Seychell and Mr Jalal Husni Bey, alongside head chef Jonathan Vassallo, Capo Crudo opened its doors just two years ago and shows no signs of stopping. 

We met up with Keith on a sunny Wednesday afternoon and were blown away within seconds. The ambiance, the décor, the sheer magnificence of the view, unobstructed by large, glass windows; not a single detail was missed. Little did we know that all of the above was nothing compared to the oysters I’d be laying my eyes on in a few minutes.

I do not make this claim lightly, but very few things in the world can compare to sipping a glass of chilled white wine, alongside Capo Crudo’s signature Royal Plateau dish; a mosaic of sashimi cuts, followed by home-made Chevre tortellaci, watching the boats sailing into the harbour.

Winner of several awards, including Definitive(Ly) Good Guide’s Best Chef of 2018, head chef Jonathan explained how there’s something for everyone at Capo Crudo. With a vast menu that caters for even the pickiest of eaters, both fish-loving Uncle Joe and pasta-loving Auntie Susan will leave the restaurant with full, satisfied stomachs and grins on their faces.

You can take our word for it. We did, after all, try (almost) everything on the menu… solely for research purposes! Capo Crudo doesn’t stop there, however. As well as seamlessly catering for those long, family Sunday lunches, the beautiful sea-side restaurant also caters for grand-scale events, including weddings, corporate and leisure events, as well as team incentives and conferences.

With 120 covers and space for over 400 guests, we wonder if there’s anything this place can’t do.

Capo Crudo

As we shamelessly ordered another round of silver and golden oysters, coupled with Capo Crudo’s very own olive oil and freshly-baked, warm bread, Keith went on to explain the inspiration behind the restaurant. 

There’s some form of café, restaurant or eatery in almost any and every direction you look on the island. What inspired Keith and Mr Jalal to open another one? 

According to Keith, the main inspiration behind the restaurant was to create something completely revolutionary for the Maltese islands. Crudo, serving of raw seafood, dressed with oil, citrus and seasonings had never quite been done before and if it had, it had never been done this well. 

Always on the ball, both Jonathan and Keith himself often frequent Michelin Star events and training courses in Sicily and without fail, they return fervent, inspired and eager to put what they learnt to practice. If it means more King Prawns for us, we’re definitely not complaining! 

It’s no wonder, therefore, that Capo Crudo has amassed countless loyal patrons, on both local and international levels. Oh and did we happen to mention that the likes of Jason Derulo, il-Volo and the Chainsmokers have dined there, too? What lies in the future, we hear you ask? 

Keith has plans on opening no less than four other establishments by mid-2019. Including: A Santorini style pizza and pasta restaurant, a steakhouse and lounge, an eatery specialised in French cuisine and a Spritz bar. 

Where? All along the up-and-coming, stunning Cospicua harbour. But wait, there’s more. We’ve been sworn to secrecy on this one, but Keith tells us he and Michelin Star chef Pino Cuttaia have a vision, which they’re almost ready to unleash on unsuspecting food-lovers all over the island, so stay tuned!

Capo Crudo opens from Monday to Saturday for dinner and Wednesday to Sunday for lunch. Just to make your Saturdays that much brighter, for a limited time only, Capo Crudo presents patrons with “Happy Saturday Lunch!” which includes five types of dishes, for just €25 per person. What are you waiting for? Grab your colleagues, parents, best friends, fiancé or all of the above, call on 21555222 and treat yourself.