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founder of molecular fusion

Oh My Malta sits down with Eddie Bonello, founder of Molecular Fusion, a company that offers an unparalleled tasting experience, by implementing innovative catering concepts and specialised molecular techniques from all over the world

Could you tell us something about yourself and how it all began?

People would describe me as a very sociable person who loves experiencing new concepts. It is pretty much accurate because I get an exhilarating feeling when I meet new people, hear jokes and indulge in experiences. I am humbled to think back to when it all started. I met a couple of interesting people, watched a couple of scientific videos, rekindled memories of science classes and engaged in conversations with the right people. Humbled for having met Michel and Martina; they were the ones to put a deposit down on our first Molecular service for their wedding celebration. Since then we exhibited at wedding fairs to build our brand and eventually, through association with us, we have been part of the journey of many businesses building their own brands and securing new clientele. WE are grateful and ever more eager to make an impact internationally to; from UK, Italy, Mauritious, Holland, California, Phillipines to UAE for Formula 1.

Could you tell us more about the catering options you offer?

Our portfolio of concepts covers healthy options, molecular cocktails, deserts and instant ice-cream; all of which may be tailored to tastes and desired experiences. Juice ‘n Go is a sugar-cane based beverage which may be paired with other exotic fruits. These are often chosen for baby showers or workplace gatherings. We also give this a little twist when our client would like it as an alcoholic beverage – since rum is made from distilling sugar cane a Mojito will be the best you ever tasted. Molecular Fusion is our flagship – we offer all types of molecular concepts when serving alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Our WOW package really gives our clients the full molecular experience and we are always so excited when we deliver it! For many, Dragon’s Breath is like a time capsule. They are treats which when served brings a lot of joy, laughter! These are often chosen for kids parties or post business luncheons. We also make various types of ice cream flavours, such as Nutella, Bailey’s or Martini Bellini sorbet. This goes by the name of Nitro-Scoop.

Juice'N Go

Nitro Scoop

You deliver 100s of events a year worldwide. What is your mission?

Our purpose is delivering experiences to create memories. Our mission is then built around that and varies based on what our clients need. If we are exhibiting at an expo for a client to build brand awareness, increase footfall and secure contracts, our mission would be to break the ice, and attract attendees who may be shy to approach. If our clients are looking to celebrate a personal celebration, we step in to ensure it is truly unforgettable. If our clients want to give their staff something extra, we treat them with something new. We make impossible … possible, creating something memorable just you you.

What makes you stand out among other companies?

Our passion for introducing, delivering and experiencing innovative concepts is what makes us stand out! Our focused mindset and tailor made approach is what makes us unforgettbale. We go the extra mile for our clients because we believe there is more to than one event. We seek to build long-term relationships… In fact, we have been part of people’s lives from a wedding celebration, to birthdays, to a baby shower and baptism celebration. We even name new cocktails for corporate events and businesses after being inspired for a new mixology. We are not your average company. We are innovative and passionate. We are what we do.

Where do you see yourself as well as the company in the next five years?

I envisage further innovation and growth beyond local borders. I visualise being an exclusive supplier for innovative concepts in expos locally and internationally and holding a Top 10 title. I seek to tap into other industries and while projects are in the pipeline I aim to continue building our deep rooted passion for representing Malta in places like Abu Dhabi for events such as Formula 1. The world is our oyster and I look forward to embarking on more journeys with and for many other people.

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