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A selection of meze and cocktails from Bacco by Hugo's

Bacco by Hugo’s is reopening this weekend with a strong DJ line-up, Happy Hour offers and a sumptuous Greek Meze menu.

Words by Amy Micallef Decesare

Following a brief period of hibernation, we’re ready to venture out into the world again.

We couldn’t have wished for a better re-introduction into the world of indulgence, 2 for 1 cocktails and delicious platters than the one we received. Where, we hear you ask? At none other than Bacco by Hugo’s.

Located in the heart of Malta’s entertainment capital, Paceville, and a stone’s throw away from the sea, Bacco not only fulfilled but exceeded our expectations, on all fronts. I’m getting ahead of myself…

Let’s start with the cocktails. Perfect for post-work drinks, middle of the night marathons and Sunday evening tasting sessions, Bacco’s vast cocktail menu has something for absolutely everyone (even those who don’t like alcohol at all!)

Ranging from their aptly themed special drinks, such as the Apollo, the Poseidon and the Achilles Heel, to their classics; Long Island, Cosmopolitan and Mojito, the highly experienced and passionate bar staff leave no stone unturned. Ready and happy to serve you the cocktail of your dreams, we dare you to close your eyes and let them work their magic.

We just can’t promise that you’ll be able to walk in a perfectly straight line by the end of the night.

In addition to their star cocktail line-up, Bacco’s is also serving up some smashing food items. Inspired by Greek cuisine, the kitchen cooks up a varied menu of Greek meze, both cold and hot, which only further proves that Bacco’s is anything but a one trick pony.

For the sake of accuracy, we thought it best to order almost every single food item on offer. Keeping in mind that the meal was coupled with 8-10 cocktails, this, in hindsight, was not the greatest idea we’ve ever had.

First up: an array of dips and cold meze, including but not exclusive to the standard chickpea hummus, Greek fava yellow split bean dip, charred aubergine and yoghurt dip and tzatziki.

Tirokafteri, made with Greek yoghurt, feta cheese and chilies, Melitzanosalata, made with eggplant and garnished with toasted pita chips, as well as Tarmasalata, made with Greek fish row, olive oil and grated red onion, also made an appearance.

Home made and absolutely delicious, with every bite, we could immediately tell that each single plate was made with passion and flair, resulting in utter perfection. Not to mention the warm pita bread they were served with, which only fuelled our appreciation further.

If you’ve made it this far and are under the impression that we had had enough, you are sorely mistaken. Next up: some more mezes, of course!

Greek olives, the classic dolomades, spiced homemade mixed nuts, marinated feta cheese and a classic Greek salad. Not a detail was missed, not an ingredient out of place, as every single plate tasted even better than the last.

Washed down with a Zeus cocktail, which is a dangerous combination of vodka, gin, white rum, triple sec, Pushkin Black, Captain Morgan dark, lime juice and Sprite, we were ready for a couple of hot mezes. We promised ourselves we would walk home and therefore, the calories don’t count, right?

Finally, we could see the light at the end of the tunnel as the waiter brought over a dish of lamb koftas, stuffed Greek pita and their special menu item: halloumi salad.

The Greek pita was sublime, made with chicken confit, topped with cucumbers, tomatoes, pickled onions and yoghurt dressing. The halloumi salad was just as impressive, served on a Parmesan carpet, with rucola and tomato chutney.

Served with the freshest of ingredients, every dish was a true and authentic homage to Greek cuisine, which is rather scarce on the island.

Open daily from 5pm till late, with 2 for 1 cocktails between 5 and 8pm, what excuse could you possibly have for not paying Bacco by Hugo’s the visit it deserves?

With live local and international DJ’s on the decks, Wednesday through Sunday, we would recommend also grabbing a few friends along for the ride.

Contact Bacco by Hugo’s on 20162498 or reservations@hugosmalta.com for bookings. Check out their Facebook page for weekly information and special offers.