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Tal-Mixta cave

Photo: @alex_esposito97

The hot Maltese summer is in full swing but does that mean we have to visit beaches on the daily? No sir. We’ve compiled a list of must-see natural beauties (aside from beaches) all over the island, just for you

snorkel at blue grotto

blue grotto, Wied iż-Żurrieq

Where? Just west of Wied iż-Żurrieq, Malta
Any tips? Take a short boat trip around the area, and bring along a snorkel!

Not to be confused with the Blue Lagoon in Comino, the Blue Grotto is a complex of 7 caves along the southern coast. The site got its name in the 1950’s, from a British soldier who noted its resemblance to Capri’s Grotta Azzurra. The stunning natural grotto, combined with the surrounding chain of caves, a 30m tall arch and crystal blue water, which displays all the phosphorescent colours of the submerged flora, is an extremely popular site (especially during summer) and it’s no wonder really.

Go on an adventure to il-maqluba sinkhole

maqluba sink hole

Photo: James Bianchi

Where? In the village of Qrendi, Malta
Any tips? It’s a bit of a treacherous walk (or should we say hike)

A sinkhole that is associated with more legends than most sites in the world, Il-Maqluba (which means the ‘upside down’) is a beautiful sight. With a surface area of 6000m2, it is a Special Area of Conservation and is composed of blue clay and globigerina limestone. The site also features a small chapel, consecrated to St Matthew, which was built on the edge of the sinkhole, and has been around since the 14th century.

watch the sunset at Dingli Cliffs

Dingli cliffs

Photo: instagram.com/lukeeabela

Where? Off the village of Dingli, Malta
Any tips? Walk along the Cliffs at sunset

Located on Malta’s western coast, Dingli Cliffs stage the highest point of the Islands, at 253 metres above sea level. Overlooking small terraced fields, the open sea and Filfla, a small, uninhabited island, the site is a must-see for everyone. The Cliffs extend all the way from Baħrija to the Munqar area, where you will find the other wonder we mentioned; the Blue Grotto. Make sure you stop by the tiny chapel dedicated to St. Mary Magdalene too, perched on the very edge.

Pizza time in Tal-Mixta Cave

tal-mixta cave

Photo: instagram.com/alex_esposito92

Where? In Nadur, Gozo
Any tips? It’s pretty slippery so wear shoes with a good grip

Situated to the rear of an ordinary house in Xagħra in Gozo, is Ninu’s Cave. Discovered in 1888 by local resident Joseph Rapa while digging a well (who is the current owner’s grandfather), the cave is remarkable due to its plethora of natural stalactites and stalagmites, as well as a few helictites. One can enter the cave via a 4-metre descent down a flight of stairs, ending up in a large, magnificent chamber.

Eat a ftira at Buskett Gardens

verdala palace overlooking buskett gardens

Photo: James Bianchi

Where? Wied Il-Luq Valley, Buskett, Malta
Any tips? Bring a picnic basket along

Buskett gardens are the only woodland area in Malta and are located in the lush valley of Wied Il-Luq, south of Rabat. Originally planted by the Knights of Malta as a hunting ground, today, it holds strong ecological, historical and cultural significance. Overlooked by Verdala Palace, built in 1586, and one of Malta’s greenest areas, with fruit-bearing trees, picnic areas and unique wildlife, it’s the perfect place to spend a quiet Sunday afternoon in nature.

Have a gander at Fungus Rock

fungus rock

Photo: instagram.com/lukeeeabela

Where? San Lawrenz, Gozo
Any tips? Don’t attempt to swim to the rock and get your hands on the fungus

Fungus Rock is 65 metres high and 60 metres away from mainland. Completely encircled by water and located at the mouth of a beautiful bay, in Dwejra, Gozo. The name was received after a plant used as a medical cure during the time of the Knights of Malta was found to grow there. Known in these territories as Fungus Gaulitanus (Għerq is-Sinjur), the plant was found by the Maltese galleys’ commander and the rock was kept safe from any invasions.