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Local jewellery brand announces collaboration with Maltese artist


Designs from Stephanie Borg’s Pop Tile Collection will now feature in Carisma’s Maltese Tile jewellery collection

Carisma’s Maltese Tile collection that consists of lavish statement earrings, necklaces, stud earrings, pendants, and sets will feature two of Stephanie Borg’s Pop Tile artworks, namely the Blue & Fushia and the Red & Ochre

The Pop Tile Collection is Stephanie Borg’s own interpretation of tile patterns with vibrant trendy colours, giving an oomph to the overall charming effect. It will now also be interpreted as jewellery, forming part of Carisma’s collection.


Carisma X Stephanie Borg – Pop Tile Collection

Stephanie Borg is a self-taught artist, graphic and surface pattern designer from Malta. She has created a range of products featuring local traditions in the form of stunning art. This is how her Maltese heritage constantly shines through.

“I believe that by collaborating, one’s message is stronger. Having my artworks from my Pop Tile Collection chosen to be interpreted as jewellery by the young designer brand Carisma® shows that there is great value in the preservation of our heritage which is being widely recognised. In my Pop Tile Collection I decided to break away from tradition by giving a more contemporary and vivid colour palette to the tile patterns whilst Carisma® ensured that these vibrant designs can be worn in style” says the artist and designer Stephanie Borg®.

The newly launched jewellery brand Carisma, also focuses on Maltese heritage, and also reflects diversity, charisma and self-love.

“As a young designer brand, we look up to Artists as Stephanie Borg® who has preserved and established heritage awareness for a number of years. Through this collaboration we aspire to widen our horizons and create compelling, attractive collections that are heart-warming and familiar to inspire confidence in yourself.” Carlos, Ismael & Martina.

Inspired by tradition and plated in 18k Gold, the collaboration is raised to a new dimension.

Get your hands on one of their stunning pieces from Carisma Collections or from Stephanie Borg or you can even visit her Studio Boutique in Rabat.