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50 Loggerhead turtle hatchlings at Golden bay

Around 50 loggerhead turtles hatched overnight and have emerged from the nest at Golden Bay.

This is the second-known turtle hatching this summer, after more than 80 turtles hatched in Ramla Bay, Gozo, earlier this month.  There are also another two turtle nests in Għadira Bay. 

The Environment and Resources Authority (ERA), together with Nature Trust FEE Malta and volunteers, are on site to make sure that the hatchlings are protected and guided safely to the water’s edge.

Naturally, hatchlings are attracted to the moonlight shine on the surface of the sea. Once they hatch, their first response is to swim towards light.

The ERA thanks the Nature Trust, the Environment Ministry and all the volunteers, who helped protect the species and the island’s marine biodiversity.

Photo: Mark Zammit Cordina/ ERA

Photo: Mark Zammit Cordina/ ERA