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More countries added to Malta's 'amber' list

A fortnight ago, Malta officially released the ‘amber’ travel list. The list dictates that all travellers from the countries mentioned by the authorities, must submit a negative COVID-19 test, before boarding their flight to the island.

As of midnight on the 21 August, the ‘amber’ list included Bulgaria, Romania and parts of Spain, including Barcelona, Girona and Madrid.

A week later, the health authorities added the Czech Republic and Tunisia to the list.

On 2 September, Bulgaria was removed from the list. 

The COVID-19 Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test, must have been carried out within the last 72 hours before boarding the flight. Those who do not present the certificate, will have to undergo testing at the Malta International Airport, and may even be asked to self-quarantine in Malta upon arrival.

A Government press release announced that the list will be updated ‘regularly’.

The ‘amber’ list lies bang in the middle of the ‘green’ list of countries, from which travel is, thus far, completely unrestricted and the ‘red list’, from which travel is banned.

Just a recap! Coming into effect from Friday 4th September at midnight – the countries on the ‘amber’ list at the time of writing are the following:

  • Romania

  • Parts of Spain: Barcelona, Girona and Madrid

  • Czech Republic

  • Tunisia

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