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New measure on group gatherings announced

We have updates, ladies and gentlemen!

The Health Ministry has announced that as of tomorrow, the maximum number of people allowed to gather in public, open spaces, is 10.

The measure comes into effect as of the 1 October and is applicable to all public, open spaces, including queues outside shops, pharmacies and the like, as well as bus stops.

Much like previous measures, it does not apply to those living in the same residence. Yes, this means that if 11 people live under the same roof, they can indeed walk down the street holding hands, without the need to socially distance from each other.

The Ministry also pointed out that people caught in groups of more than 10 will be fined €100, per person per infringement. However, if the person admits fault and pays up before the cut off date, the fine will be reduced to €50.

The previous limit on public gatherings was reduced to 15 back in August, when COVID-19 cases spiked.

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