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[WATCH]: #GrowUp, drive safe and spread the word!


In a joint CSR effort, local radio station Vibe FM and Atlas Insurance have joined forces with Transport Malta to encourage responsible driving amongst Vibe FM’s ever growing radio audience. The campaign is entitled “#GROWUP”

The nationwide campaign, which is also endorsed by the Malta Road Safety Council and the (MTICP) Ministry for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects was announced during the Thursday morning rush hour on radio and launched with a short video clip on social media.

The aim of the campaign is to send out a positive message with regards to driving safely, and to encourage the public to be cool by following the rules!

The video, filmed in September, features popular Vibe FM personalities joined on screen by their actual mothers and handholding them every step of the way to complete the simplest tasks.

The message of the video is that it is time to stop depending on others, and start acting one’s proper age when behind the wheel.

Frank Zammit, Vibe FM Station Manager:

“We have been working on putting this together for a number of months and cannot have done this without the help of our partners in this initiative. It is a humorous clip but with a very serious message, one which we hope will drive the message home over the next few months, via different platforms. Being responsible is the new cool! It is time to Grow Up and take road safety seriously!”

frank zammit, nate darmanin and valentina rossi

Pierre Vella, Executive Chairman, Malta Road Safety Council:

“We can depend on others for a lot of things but when it comes to driving and road safety, the responsibility is all ours. Make sure that being save on our roads is of utmost importance, be attentive, alert and most important safe. Happiness is arriving at your destination in time and safely. Eyes on the Road.”

Only by starting to take road safety seriously can one hope to bring the number of accidents, casualties and deaths on the road down. One should be proud to be doing the right thing and not taking unnecessary risks.

Robert Micallef, Chief Commercial Officer at Atlas Insurance:

“Our message is a simple one: when driving, focus on driving and don’t be distracted by anything else. We augur that despite the new normal we are living, motorists do not relax whilst behind the wheel and keep their eyes firmly on the road.”

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