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Green Malta’s first plogging event success

Newly found Green Malta, a voluntary organisation with the aim of scrubbing Malta clean, organised its very first plogging event.

In case you think that plogging is a spelling error, it’s not. Plogging refers to the combination of jogging and picking up litter. It came about in Sweden in 2016 and spread to other countries a couple of years later, following increased concern about plastic pollution. Green Malta jumped on the bandwagon and organised a plogging event last Sunday, around the areas of Luxol Park and Ride and Pembroke.

Photo: Green Malta

Five groups, with ten participants each aged between four and 69 years old, huddled at Luxol Sports Club at 9:30am. The volunteers followed a mapped-out route and picked up rubbish along the way. Some walked a bit faster than normal, others jogged all the way down to the sea. The most efficient groups required extra garbage bags and the intervention of the organisers’ car to help them carry all the trash they had collected.

By 11:30am, when the group has returned, a picture was taken in front of all the gathered waste; a testament of the work that was done.

The skip, provided by JM Skips cleared everything away and the group left the Luxol Park and Ride completely rubbish free!

Green Malta’s first plogging event was a great success and the group achieved their objectives of bringing people together and engaging them in fun-filled activities, while raising awareness and promoting respect for life and the planet.

Green Malta’s next event will be on the 29 November, which will be directly linked to their ultimate project: the opening of a free Green School for all children on the island.

Photo: Green Malta

Photo: Green Malta

The plogging experience was made possible thanks to a number of sponsors, as well as their main sponsor Ecopence. The latter was instrumental in the launch of Green Malta and is also an environmental label of trust, offering solution for businesses and customers to reduce their carbon footprint.

If you want to know more, get in touch with Green Malta here.