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Two seabins installed, to filter millions of litres of water

Fantastic news! Two sea bins, which will filter over 432,000,000 litres of water over a year, have just been installed, alongside another 11 pre-existing sea bins.

The bins, which will be filtering the water in Marsaxlokk and Marsascala, will be collecting micro plastics and other debris floating in the water.

The sea bins are incredibly effective in gathering waste that is otherwise challenging to collect due to its size. The bins also skim the sea surface for floating oil and other similar pollutants.

It was found that the items most commonly caught by the sea bins are cigarette butts and plastic particles, followed by plastic utensils, shopping bags, plastic bottles and disposable cups.

Simar nature reserve

Photo: BirdLife Malta

The latest sea bins were sponsored by the Malta Airport Foundation, in collaboration with NGO Żibel and Strand Marine, the local distributors of the sea bin project.

Why Marsaxlokk and Marsascala? The towns fall in line with the MIA foundation’s commitment of investing in the airport’s neighbouring communities.

Apart from the now 13 bins installed across the island, we’ll be getting another nine in the coming weeks, said the MIA in a statement.