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Scheme for restoration of balconies and apertures launched

A scheme to promote investment in the restoration and maintenance of timber balconies, doors, apertures and wrought iron open balconies on building facades in Valletta, is being launched by the Planning Authority.

The call is intended to further the aims of a previous Marsamxett balcony scheme, which offered a 100% refund of costs relating to fixing and restoring of traditional or wrought iron balconies for homes in the Valletta neighbourhood. This call, however, goes beyond just balconies, focusing on creating better, more sustainable facades.

Aaron Farrugia, planning minister, said that while work on environmental regulation, afforestation projects and biodiversity protection in rural zones is ongoing, the ministry is also focused on improving urban areas.

The scheme will be re-issued with an investment of €300,000 in European funds and will complement the rest of the regeneration works in the Marsamxett area.

marsamxett harbour, valletta

Some zones in Valletta, said PA executive chairman Martin Saliba, such as Marsamxett, hold unique historical value within the capital, and are still in the process of being regenerated.

The initiative, added Farrugia, goes hand-in-hand with other recently launched schemes, such as green your home, a PA-financed scheme, with an investment of €2,000,000 to create green facades. Also, the irrestawra darek scheme, in which another €3,000,000 will be invested, allowing applicants who were on a waiting list from previous years to benefit.