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Give the gift of therapy this year

This has been a year of anxiety and uncertainty. COVID-19 has brought about so much change to the way we live, and has impacted the wellbeing of so many people. More people need the Richmond Foundation more than ever before.

The Foundation has experienced a significant increase in its demand for services, and a remarkable decrease in financial revenue. Despite this, we remain committed and are working harder than ever, to ensure continued services to people in need. However, professional services are costly, and they need your help to keep helping. 


Having anticipated an impact on people’s mental health through the pandemic, Richmond teamed up with leading research company Esprimi, to monitor the psychological wellbeing of the nation through research. The Foundation is regularly surveying the nation’s mental health under the unprecedented restrictions on social interaction. People have reported being increasingly concerned about loved ones’ health, increased depressive symptoms, a general sense of being tired of the situation. Young people were among the most effected, with marked increase in loneliness among that cohort.

A drastic increase in demand for help

The impact on people’s mental health which became evident through the research, translated into an increase in demand for services. Over the past months Richmond has experienced a significant increase in the number of calls for help it received, a marked increase in the number of brief interventions where people met with professionals to discuss a situation, identify suitable support services for their particular situation. There has also been a marked increased for therapy from the general public. Richmond has increased its resources to:

  • Respond to people’s increased calls for help on helpline 1770
  • Provide more brief intervention services.
  • Increase its therapy sessions

Give the gift of therapy

In the current context, the best gift that one can offer this year is the gift of love, genuine care and concern for others. Richmond is today launching its fund-raising campaign: Give the Gift of Therapy to solicit funds to make professional mental health services sustainable, for all those who need a service but cannot pay for it. Individuals, corporate entities, families, groups of friends or colleagues are invited to make a donation to assist Richmond in ensuring that people who need support during this difficult time will find the services they need.

Educational videos and material

Not all persons who need support require therapy. For some, awareness and education is a good place to start. Being aware of the increased need which people have for support in taking care of their wellbeing, Richmond Foundation has produced a number of educational videos covering topics such as anxiety and stress, amongst others. The videos provide basic information on how to recognise symptoms and outline the professional support available. There are separate versions relevant to adults and to youth.

They are offering the learning videos for just a minimum donation of €2. People who would like to donate more than that are welcome to do so through the Gift of Therapy, helping to make the services more sustainable. Check out some of the videos here.

Richmond will also be making a number of other items available. Each one related to wellbeing, these items are ideal gifts. Among the items are self-help books, a CD with 50 nostalgic cover versions and a 2021 calendar and activity book for children. Each of these items are being provided as fund-raising initiatives by their respective authors / artists / producers. The items are available via email on info@richmond.org.mt or by calling on 21669150, and will be made available though our online shop soon. 

The Richmond Foundation is also offering free delivery to those who are not able to leave their house. With your help, they can be there for those who need them. Donations can be made online, via bank transfer, via SMS or cheque. Click here for more details.