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Warmest weekend ever?

We can bet anything that at some point this week you’ve said the words “IT’S FREEZING” (at least by Maltese standards).

Well, we’re happy to note that it seems as though the Maltese Islands will be getting some warmer weather this weekend! According to the Met Office, temperatures are likely to reach 22°C on Saturday. We know it sounds crazy, but we couldn’t be happier to read it.

Though we rarely suffer from ice-cold temperatures in Malta, on average, January is one of the coldest months of the year. With average temperatures of 13°C and highs of 16°C, we might even be putting our thick jumpers away, at least for this weekend.

Interestingly, the warmest day ever recorded in January was way back in 1939, when the temperature was no less than 22.8°C. Can we break the record?