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Call it a match made in radio heaven. Radio stars Ylenia Spiteri and Daniel Testa have coupled up, we think (know)

When the on-air chemistry between two radio co-hosts is strong, it often leads fans to believe there may be some romantic ties off-air, as well. The radio hosts have led some fans to believe they are a couple in real life, dropping not-so-subtle hints that go way beyond their sexual tension and undeniable chemistry on air.

We’re currently doing everything in our power to connect the dots and confirm the existence of their relationship, despite the fact that Daniel and Ylenia haven’t confirmed their relationship status yet.

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However, despite not officially confirming their romance, rumours have been swirling that the two 89.7 Bay co-hosts are a couple after Daniel and Ylenia were spotted together near his home in Għarghur. She even brought along her dog, Max. Cute. Not to mention that we know for a fact that the projector pictured below belongs to Daniel.

It doesn’t stop there. Rumours ramped up during the festive season, when Ylenia shared a series of Instagram stories cosying up to her unidentified beau (Daniel), which were taken during a romantic stay at the intercontinental Hotel.

If you’re thinking, well, that’s totally not enough to say they’re dropping hints about each other, let us finish… because we leave the best for last! The proof also lies in another two separate Instagram posts: one from Daniel, one from Ylenia. The twosome posted photos of their meals while dining out at Wagamama, on what seemed to be just another date night for the pair. See for yourselves below. 

We wouldn’t be writing this if we didn’t think they’re totally a thing, but having said all this, both Daniel and Ylenia have yet to comment on the dating rumours themselves. That being said: you heard it here first!

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