Celebrating World Nutella Day in Malta: 6 mouth-watering desserts you must try

 World Nutella Day celebrates what happens when hazelnuts and chocolate collide

Flavoured with hazelnut and cocoa, Nutella is paradise for most of the people these days. The product was first introduced in Italy in 1964, and has rightly captured the heart of the entire world today.

World Nutella Day is celebrated around the world on 5 February every year. It was first initiated as a tradition back in 2007, by blogger and Nutella fan Sara Rosso.

Check out these 6 places that will satisfy your Nutella craving.



Every now and again a little bit of fried goodness is just what you need, and when you think of fried goodies, churros are right up there on the list. Nutella lovers, you won’t be able to resist these warm sugar-coated Kinder finger churros dunked in rich Nutella sauce!

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Nutella pancakes from burgers.ink

burgers.ink pancake

Burgers Ink’s chunky pancakes are dense and delicious, stuffed with a thick layer of creamy Nutella, and topped with anything from Oreos to Kinder Sorpresa… An extra special treat for a chocolate lovers dream!

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Nutella Pizza from The Oven

Pizza gets a whole lot sweeter at this pizzeria, with this thick crust pizza base covered with Nutella! Not only is the pizza crust wonderful and versatile, but paired with the delicious chocolate-hazelnut combo, it’s fabulous.

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Few things go better with burgers and fries than an ice-cold milkshake. And at Shakes n Bakes, nothing goes better with a milkshake than a couple of spoonfuls of Nutella. Nutella and biscuits are particularly great complements to this creamy concoction.

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Marelli Café’ whips up this tasty version of French toast; a Nutella filled brioche bread sandwich coated with cornflakes and fried in butter,  whether for brunch or whenever you feel your sweet tooth calling. 

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Nutella crepe from krepree

One of the most delicious ways to have Nutella is by having it spread on a crepe. At Krepee you can add your favourite fresh fruits for a healthy(ish) twist. 

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