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Local singer-songwriter releases debut EP Pistola

Michael Azzopardi, a local singer-songwriter, has just released his brand new debut EP Pistola. You can have a listen on Spotify and Bandcamp.

Michael’s songs, which are sung in the Maltese language, are alternative and present listeners with an intimate and varied song arrangement, with rich and often, emotional and vulnerable lyrics. The passion he brings forth in his work evoke the influences of Blur frontman Damon Albarn, Leonard Cohen and Canadian slack hero Mac Demarco.

In addition to being a singer and songwriter, Michael Azzopardi is a filmmaker and designer and has combined both into creating and producing his own music videos and artwork, for his musical releases.

Simar nature reserve

Photo: BirdLife Malta

The first three tracks featured on the EP are named Fik Ħolqien, Skrejjen and Taħt Kmiem. They have all been released with accompanying music videos on YouTube. A fourth track, Tiblagħni l-Art, will be released with its very own music video by the end of this week.

Michael will be performing in several locations during the upcoming months, to audiences of small sizes and a live EP launch will also be announced in just a few days.

The local star now spends much of his time writing music, writing and drawing inspiration from films. A David Lynch fan, he often draws inspiration from the filmmaking legend’s work in his music and their accompanying videos. He is also currently already recording a second match of sings, which were written around the same time as those of Pistola, and has collaborated with other artists, including the first, Cheryl Camilleri, who features on Tiblagħni l-Art. The EP was produced, mixed and mastered by Ultralow Music and is released under the same label.

Have a listen and let us know what you think!