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Taste of pre-history: a culinary journey spanning 5,000 years

Oh this one excites us! Heritage Malta, by means of its Taste History Unit, will be holding a super unique culinary event spanning the 5,000 years of Maltese prehistory. When? On Saturday 6 March, at 7:30pm at the Malta Maritime Museum in Birgu. 

This is the first time that Taste History will be venturing off the path of our more recent history, to delve into the realm of prehistory. The event us is a natural progression from last year’s Food in Prehistory Curator’s Tour, which took place at the Tarxien Temples, in which prehistoric food sources were described. 

Photo: Heritage Malta

Called Taste Prehistory, the event will consists of a sit-down dinner for no more than 40 people, who will be able to sample some of the food consumed during different periods of Maltese prehistory, namely the early Neolithic Period, the Temple Period and the Bronze Age. The proposed menu is a mixture of what was found, in terms of archeology, and determined scientifically to have been available during these periods.

Apart from the meat of two of the most common animals, whose remains were found in Maltese prehistoric sites, guests will have the opportunity to try out different grains, which have over time been replaced in popularity with the common wheat, together with the produce of trees, known to have been present at the time.

Taste History’s chef Joseph Cassar will be preparing the food on site. All ingredients used are locally and sustainably produced and free-flowing wine will also be served. Although no evidence for wine exists in prehistory, the trade links that existed during this period are known and the wine served during the meal will celebrate these.

Sharon Sultana, Senior Curator at the National Museum of Archeology and Josef Caruana, Curator of Prehistoric Sites within Heritage Malta, will be outlining the Maltese prehistoric period, with the archeological remains and scientific studies consulted in the creation of the dishes served during this dinner being explained throughout the evening. 

Guests will also be able to admire related artefacts, which will be showcased on site. For the first time in their 5,000-year existence, these artefacts will be on display together in Cottonera, adding even more value to this unique and exclusive event. 

The event will be held in strict adherence to Public Health regulations related to COVID-19. For more info, click here.

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