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Heritage Malta acts on employee’s idea for greener environment

Heritage Malta is taking an employee’s idea under its wing and is launching an initiative, whereby members of staff propagate seeds of trees and shrubs in their own homes. They will be taking utmost care of the seeds until they are ready to be planted at Heritage Malta sites.

“The idea was immediately taken on board since it integrates wholly with our mission to protect not only our cultural heritage but also our natural patrimony,” said Heritage Malta CEO Noel Zammit.

“This initiative is a means through which employees engage in extracurricular activities, which are of great benefit not only to the agency itself but also to our environment,” he added.

Heritage Malta has a plant nursery at Għar Dalam, which is lending itself beautifully to this initiative by providing the seedlings to those employees who are interested in taking part in this voluntary projecy. What’s more, the trees and shrubs that will grow from these seedlings are all indigenous! Since being notified of their colleague’s suggestion, several employees have expressed interest in planting the seedlings at home and nurturing them for a year or two until they are ready to be handed back to the nursery, where they will be further taken care of before being planted at the respective sites.

Although no gardening expertise is required and the seedlings only need a sunny corner, which shields them from wind and heavy rain, the nursery at Għar Dalam is also offering advice regarding their care.

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