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Maltese singer/song-writer finalises her debut EP

Feds, a 25-year-old Maltese singer/song-writing currently residing in London, collaborated with the city’s up and coming producers Yelmo, to finalise her debut EP, which is set to be released this year!

The first single from the upcoming EP, which is called ‘That Switch’, unpacks the confusing emotions when looking back on a relationship, post break-up; seeing things as they actually may have been, once the rose-coloured glasses are finally removed. The single is performed by Feds, produced by herself and Yelmo and written by herself and George Diaper.

The talented artist pioneered a brand spanking new sound, rooted in neo-soul and pop, with sounds that can be defined through her angelic tone and honest lyrics. Feds has made it her mission, in spite of the ongoing pandemic, to create genre-bending music, with the main aim of unwinding listeners.

Feds released ‘twenty twenty’ just a few months prior, a bitter sweet ‘thanks for not nothing but it was something’ letter to the unexpected turn of events that have taken place over the last year.

The single, which is a soul and jazzy influenced pop anthem, effectively summarises a very relatable sentiment, bringing together everyone who listens to it and was also featured on Andrew Marstons BBC introducing show.

Feds is showing no signs of stopping however, as 2021 will see the official debut of Feds EP. A result of a successful crowdfund project, which took place at the start of 2020 in collaboration with Zaar, Feds will be working closely with creative from Malta and London, to deliver an exciting new and honest project. The EP will consist of a myriad of juicy songs, which all together summarise the rollercoaster of experiences that Feds been through since moving to London back in 2013 to study songwriting.

Since moving to London, she has spent the majority of her time writing and producing for various products. Fusing her love for electronic pop production, the talented artist promises raw and honest lyrics and funky guitar sounds.

Stay tuned because Feds promised that there’s definitely more to come!