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Could Maltese entry win the Eurovision this year?

Rumour has it that Destiny’s Je Me Casse is slated to finish second at this year’s Eurovision Song Content in May, according to bookies.

Information sourced from eurovisionworld has bookies predicting that the bop Je Me Casse has a 16% chance of winning (or 7/2), right behind Switzerland, who has an 18% (or 11/4). There’s more. In the first semi-final show, the song is said to come in first, with a 21% chance of winning, ahead of Sweden, who has a predicted 9% chance.

Malta first competed in the Eurovision back in 1971, and has only ever placed second twice since then. The first time was when Ira Losco wowed viewers with her song 7th Wonder back in 2002. The second time we placed second in the final was with Chiara and her beautiful song Angel. Mary Spiteri and Chiara also placed third in 1992 and 1998 respectively.

Back to Je Me Casse, the song revolves around women’s empowerment within society, with the video featuring home videos of the singer’s time as a youth. The 2021 Maltese entry was composed and penned by Malin Christin, Amanuel Dermont, Nicklas Eklund and Pete Barringer. Destiny was due to represent the country at last year’s Eurovision after winning The X Factor, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Song Contest was cancelled altogether.

The location, Rotterdam in the Netherlands, as well as the participants of last year’s festival have been retained for this year’s edition and will kick off on 18 May, with the final being held on 22 May.

What do you think of Je Me Casse?