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Second 'Malta Oskura' webinar to focus on judicial hanging in Malta

Photo: Heritage Malta

Frightful tales dotting the long history of judicial hanging in Malta will be recounted in the second webinar organised by Heritage Malta in the Malta Oskura series. Following the success of the first webinar in the series, which featured Mdina and Rabat, it was decided to air the second webinar, entitled Malta Oskura: Judicial Hanging’, on two different dates – Tuesday 13 and Thursday 15 April, at 8.30pm. The extensive research that this webinar has entailed will ensure a unique audiovisual experience for participants.

A virtual tour in the first part of the webinar will take viewers along the passage of time, from the earliest recorded hangings till the last one in 1943, recounting the macabre events that took place in public areas and later in the privacy of the Corradino prison. Rare footage of the old gallows still found in the purposely-built room in this prison will be featured in the tour.

Photo: Heritage Malta

Delving into horrifying stories that portray how the concept of crime and punishment has evolved throughout the centuries, the tour will also guide participants along the various spots where judicial hanging was executed, describing the whole process involved and the torture and public humiliation that the earlier hangings entailed.

Some of the stories related will allow a closer look at the executioners themselves, while others are moving accounts of people proclaiming their innocence till their very last breath on the gallows. The virtual tour, approximately 30 minutes long, will be in Maltese, with English subtitles. It will be followed by a question and answer session. Participants are requested to register beforehand via these links, according to their preferred date: 

13 April: Click here for the Zoom link 

15 April: Click here for the Zoom link

Check out Heritage Malta’s website here.