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BTS McDonalds meal coming to Malta

Do you often find yourself craving a quick, delicious meal from the Golden Arches? Do you also happen to be a BTS fan?

If the answer to both those questions was a resounding YES, then we suggest you have a sit before reading this article.

In just a few weeks (as of the 28 of May, to be more precise), BTS fans will be able to order the K-pop band’s absolute favourite meal at McDonald’s, following a brand new partnership. For the last six months, McDonald’s has been making use of its Famous Orders promotions, as a way of reintroducing consumers to its core menu items, including the Quarter Pounder burger for instance.

They kicked off the marketing strategy back in September, when they teamed up with well-loved rapper Travis Scott. Scott’s order was such a hot, that it caused Quarter Pounder shortages in many McDonald’s locations. In October, the eatery partnered up with J Balvin.

Photo: McDonalds / Facebook

Photo: McDonalds / Facebook

The next Famous Order will give fans the opportunity to test out the Grammy-nominated boy band’s meal, which kicks off next month and Malta is on the list! 

Since 2013, BTS has topped music charts and brought people together from all over the world through their music and positive messages. Over the next few months, BTS fans everywhere will find themselves that much closer to their favourite artists… because for the first time since McDonald’s launched its celebrity signature orders program in the U.S. last year, the BTS Meal will be available globally in nearly 50 countries, spanning six continents, a monumental move! You can find a full list of participating countries as well as dates for meal availability here.

According to a statement made by McDonalds today, the one-of-a-kind menu ‘tour’ will arrive in Malta on May 28, when customers can enjoy the band’s signature order at participating restaurants nationwide. The BTS Meal includes a 9-piece Chicken McNuggets®, large World Famous Fries®, large Coca-Cola, and Sweet Chili and Cajun dipping sauces inspired by popular recipes from McDonald’s South Korea.

“The band has great memories with McDonald’s. We’re excited about this collaboration and can’t wait to share the BTS Meal with the world,” says BIGHIT MUSIC, label of BTS.

“No matter who you are, everyone has a go-to order at McDonald’s – even international superstars like BTS.” said Peter Hili, Managing Director of Premier Restaurants Malta, the operator of McDonald’s in Malta . “This band is truly a global phenomenon with a fanbase that knows no borders, and we couldn’t be more excited to bring the BTS Meal to our customers in Malta starting May 28.”

Maltese customers will be able to order the BTS Meal in-restaurant, the Drive Thru or via McDelivery. So mark your calendars for May 28!

Will you be trying BTS’ McDonalds meal?