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Lowest number of cases since last summer

A possible light at the end of the tunnel? New COVID-19 cases are down to just 13 today, the lowest since 31 July 2020, according to official figures.

What’s more, there were 62 recoveries, which means that the number of active cases on the Maltese Islands is back down to 563. COVID-19 cases have been decreasingly rather dramatically since March, when Malta was hitting between 300 and 400 new cases per day for almost a week. The shocking spike prompted swift action, as the population was placed in a semi-lockdown. This, accompanied by the country’s vaccination drive has led to the decrease in cases and the increase in smiles on our faces.

On Sunday, Prime Minister Robert Abela urged caution over the relaxation of COVID-19 regulations, warning people that despite businesses and shops re-opening their doors on 26 April, people need to continue following mitigation measures.

In terms of vaccinations, so far, 282,841 doses of Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca have been administered. 87,770 of those second doses, meaning the recipients are fully vaccinated.

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