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Shining bright with Amazonia’s acai launched in Malta

You may have heard of the company Amazonia, the rapidly growing plant-based global health company, which also happens to be one of the leading sellers of frozen açaí berries. Well, we have some news for you: Amazonia is launching on our own home turf and we couldn’t be more excited to try it out!

Amazonia was founded in Australia in 2008 by Dwayne Martens, and is a market leader in certified organic, sustainable whole foods and superfood supplements, without anything nasty. The nasty refers to the synthetics, the GMOs, the pesky artificial ingredients. Amazonia is on a mission to help people #ShineBright, on the inside and out.

While the company has over 70 products sitting pretty in its holistic wellness portfolio, including frozen superfoods, raw proteins and supplements, Amazonia is also entering the market with the antioxidant super-hero food açaí berry, and the nutrient-dense Pitaya frozen superfoods range.

The product range will be launching into some of Malta’s leading cafés, supermarkets, beach clubs, offices and gyms, so you can get your quick, easy and not to mention, delicious fix, wherever you are.

What do Amazonia have to offer?

Well, we’re glad you asked. Taking the time to not only brain-storm good breakfast options, but spend time in the kitchen, which you could have spent in bed, is definitely not ideal. This is where Amazonia’s frozen açaí products come in. They have simplified the process for you, with their smoothie packs; frozen açaí that can be thrown straight into a bowl and topped with all your favourites, including colourful fruits, raw snickers, chocolate-covered goji berries or even some cheeky peanut butter. Chock-full of antioxidants and healthy omegas, the dishes are fool-proof and delicious.

Their organic açaí berry is freshly picked from the Amazon and immediately snap frozen, after harvesting. It also contains up to seven times the antioxidants of blueberries.

The dark purple berry is also vegan, gluten free and completely sustainable, as Amazonia’s program sees thousands of local families harvest the berry by hand, providing an incentive to keep the native trees standing.

Amazonia offers açaí energy on the go icy poles, as well as açaí supergood scoopable, offering us açaí lovers convenient, ready to serve açaí treats. They are also gracing us with Pitaya superfood packs, which are created with 100% sustainably harvested and certified organic pink pitaya, which is a great source of iron, vitamin C and fibre. Their packs help us all reap the nutritional benefits, whilst enjoying the exotic taste of pitaya, and supporting local communities and organic ecosystems in Vietnam.

Who are Amazonia exactly?

As you may have figured out by now, Amazonia is a health and lifestyle company, with the goal of providing nourishing and sustainable food. They plan on spicing up the health scene with their flair for creating delicious and nourishing products. Getting high on açaí, sampling smoothie bowls, sharing their health knowledge and saving the Amazon forest is all in a day’s work for Amazonia’s team.

From their certified organic frozen açaí, to their sustainably harvested coconut and pink pitaya, the team makes sure to understand and practice the concept of sustainability from source to consumer. They take pride in being Fair Trade, using recycled materials and vegetable inks for their brochures and packaging, as well as donating to global environmental projects.

In 2018, Amazonia was introduced to Malta and was later taken over by Isabella Rae Banda earlier this year. Isabella grew up in Sydney and divides her time between Australia and Malta.

“Before moving to Malta, I worked in the health and wellness industry in Australia and soon after arriving, I noticed that there was a lack of delicious healthy food options, especially over our long, hot summers. Amazonia smoothie bowls are the perfect combination of nutrition and incredible taste, that is set to make Malta healthy. In fact, our products are a new and exciting experience for busy people, who don’t want to compromise on good food and flavour,” she said.

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