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Music video for Lil Binti released

Have you had the pleasure of listening to Mark Spiteri Lucas’ single Lil Binti yet? Well, what are you waiting for? Not only has the talented musician released the single, but he has also dropped the official music video, which can be watched on YouTube, as well as on other streaming platforms.

“It was a pleasure not only writing and singing this song but also leaving a visual memory, something my daughter Greta can physically replay time and time again, recalling the precious memories we spent together,” said the musician, adding that Lil Binti was the push he needed as an artist.

What’s more, Spiteri Lucas said that he has plans on releasing even more original material in the coming months!

The music video for the single dedicated to his daughter, was shot entirely at the Cavalieri Arts Hotel in St Julians. It was produced by Marlon Polidano, who was also the artistic director, and Ludwig Galea.

Lil Binti was first heard during the Muzika Muzika festival and was composed, as well as penned, by the artist himself, with an arrangement by Andrew Zammit, and an orchestral arrangement by Maestro Joe Brown. It entered the charts on Malta’s Top 10 and currently has 6,000 views on YouTube and 3,000 streams on Spotify, which is quite a feat!

Check out Lil Binti on iTunes and Spotify, thanks to German distribution company CAP-sounds, responsible for its digital release and promotion, planned by Ironic PR and artist management.

What do you think of the video?