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Youth development scheme launched by local Olympic committee

Young athletes are set to benefit from funding as well as other advantages as the Maltese Olympic Committee have announced the launch of their Youth Development Scheme.

Previously known as the Youth Elite Scheme, the revised scheme has built significantly on the previous one, and now includes six categories for athletes who were born between 2004 and 2009, as well as a category for those aged over 18.

The selection criteria are now based on the athletes’ projected performance level, of each nominated athlete, and for which input the athlete’s coach and affiliated federation is taken into account. All MOC affiliated federations and associations were invited to submit their nominations, which were subsequently vetted by a selection committee. The coaches were also required to fill in assessments. Apart from having a selection process based on technical criteria, as well as performance trajectory, the committee’s projected outcomes from the scheme are three fold: investment in holistic athlete development, the establishment of an ongoing development journey and finally, building one team for Malta.

“The Maltese Olympic Committee is thoroughly satisfied with the level of ongoing communication and close collaboration with all federations. This kind of co-operation ensures the best possible environment for our athletes to grow and reach their potential,” said the youth commission chair, Johanna Grech.

What are the categories?

  • Category I: Global championships/Olympic games = 4 athletes

  • Category II: Continental championships/Global youth games = 12 athletes

  • Category III: GSSE Medalist = 20 athletes

  • Category IV: Maltese champion = 35 athletes

  • Category V: Youth Development Pool = 30 athletes

  • Intermediate +18 Category = 7 athletes

Apart from the financial funding, athletes will also be benefiting from a myriad of services, including the use of the functional diagnostic lab, sports psychologists, sports nutritionists and athletic trainers, among other approved services that may be required.

The chosen athletes will undergo evaluation and mentoring on a regular basis to make sure that they receive the most beneficial guidance and encouragement.

“The Maltese Olympic Committee continues with its commitment to invest in the future of sport. The selected athletes have not only shown commitment and dedication, but have already proven themselves by achieving some very impressive results. The amount being invested, which is over €70,000, will contribute towards the athletes achieving their full potential. The MOC takes the opportunity to thank Sport Malta for their contribution towards this scheme,” said the president of the MOC, Julian Pace Bonello.

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