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Versatile Brass balcony concert for two?

There are few things we miss more than being able to check out our favourite band and spend hours partying with our friends and loved ones, without constantly worrying that our masks have fallen below our noses. Well, InterContinental are trying their very best to bring some semblance of that feeling back with their One and Only Balcony Concert, which will be taking place on Sunday 6 June.

Though the concert isn’t an exact throwback to our concert-going lives of 2019, the company is definitely presenting us with a unique way to watch and listen to Malta’s distinguished band, Versatile Brass, from your very own hotel room balcony.

How is this going to work?

First up, we think it’s only fitting to attempt to explain just how fantastic Versatile Brass are as a DJ and brass fusion of 18 professional artists and musicians.

In terms of how One and Only Balcony Concert will work, the band will be playing at the pool area. The guests will be cheering, applauding and possibly even shedding a tear from the balconies of their rooms.

There’s more! Guests can choose between a one or two night stay with a loved one, with both packages including wine and delicious food platters. Not too shabby, if you ask us!

According to the hotel, all rooms and suites will have a good view of the band from the balcony. Bookings can be made via email at malta.sales@ihg.com