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Pilot project to test autonomous buses launched

That’s right! Malta has launched a pilot project to put autonomous buses on the road in the coming months, according to Ian Borg, the transport minister.

The minister said that the vehicles would make use of onboard sensors to detect the environment around them and would be controlled by means of artificial intelligence.

What’s the plan?

Well, the pilot project will be testing four routes, between the University of Malta and Mater Dei Hospital, a circular trip within the capital of Valletta, the Ta’ Qali family park and finally, one between Smart City and Esplora.

“By adopting fully electric buses integrated with artificial intelligence, we will be increasing road safety, because this technology eliminates the possibility of human error, accounting for more than 90% of traffic accidents. Furthermore, fully electric bus engines will free areas such as parks, campuses or hospitals from emissions, parking issues and noise pollution,” said Ian Borg.

He added that international studies on similar tests have shown a social acceptance rate higher than 75% by passengers! As it stands, there are currently 300 autonomous buses in use around the globe.

This is a collaborative venture between Transport Malta, the University of Malta and Malta Public Transport.

What do you think of the pilot project?