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Eurovision: Malta third in odds as Destiny misses opening

Someone pass us some tissues. Destiny was unable to take part in the official opening of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 last night, due to COVID-19 precautions. Simultaneously, Malta tumbled to third place in the odds and we are, for lack of a better word, unamused.

None of the Maltese delegation tested positive for COVID-19 but in a precautionary move made by the organisers, Destiny had no choice but to miss the opening show after members from two other delegations resident at the same hotel tested positive.

Destiny made the unfortunate announcement last night and said that it was a member of the Icelandic delegation, who are staying at the same time as the Maltese, who tested positive for the virus. Due to all of this, all members of the Icelandic team are now in quarantine.

The organisers, the European Broadcasting Union said that all artists received a PCR test on Saturday and that all members are taking PCR tests every two days. During an Instagram live Destiny held yesterday, she said: “I feel quite sad and disappointed that I didn’t make it to the turquoise carpet. But it’s okay; we will move on and just have to wait for tomorrow and Tuesday, because that was best for my team and me. All we want is to have an amazing stage performance, and that’s what we’re living for.”

Destiny’s artistic manager, Howard Keith Debono, who you may remember from X Factor Malta, reminded the public that organising such a large scale event and during a pandemic, no less, was no easy feat.

He remarked: “Being part of, or even hosting a mass event in a pandemic is no walk in the park. Dutch organisers are trying their best and spent hundreds of thousands on security checks and mitigation measures, but unfortunately, there’s still outbreaks and cases reported. We patiently await instructions in our hotel rooms to get tested as two other countries have tested positive and they’re in our hotel, so they’ve been informed to isolate immediately.”

“Our noses aren’t happy, but it’s a small price to pay,” he added, when commenting that they were willing to be tested on a daily bases if needs be.

Did any other countries miss the opening night?

Yes. Apart from Malta, the Romanian delegation, who are staying at the same hotel, did not take part either. The Polish delegation was missing too, as a member of their team tested positive on Saturday and therefore, they are also in quarantine.

What happens to the countries who cannot participate? 

Countries who will not be able to perform on the night will be given two options. They can either use a backup recording from the second rehearsal or use a live-on-tape rehearsal. If Destiny makes it though the semi-final, she will go on to the final on Saturday. We currently rank as third in the odds with 12%, behind France with 19% and Italy with 22%.

What are your thoughts? And are you as disappointed as us?