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Rave reviews for Destiny’s jury performance

Malta’s entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 Destiny, performed for the Jury rehearsal last night and has been named a ‘clear winner in Jury Rehearsal Semi 1’ by ESC Daily.

The jury were reportedly super impressed with Destiny’s performance, with reports adding that the Maltese delegation made her aware of the fact that this is when it matters most. ‘As the song progresses, Destiny flows even more.’ In essence, the jury show is a dress rehearsal for the final performance, in which 50% of the results are determined.

What is the jury show?

For every Eurovision live show, there is a jury rehearsal the night before. Though many may not be aware of this, the rehearsal is just as important as the live show, as professional juries determine 50% of the results, based on their performance.

The members of the jury receive voting sheets and focus on four main sets of criteria, including vocal capacity of the artist(s), performance on stage, composition and originality of the song and the overall impression of the act.

Since the performance was technically a dress rehearsal, there was still time for improvements to be made. In an official statement, the board explained that some countries, Malta included, had issues with in-ear monitoring during their performances but ‘in accordance with the rules, all artists were given the chance to perform their songs again for the national juries voting on the show.’

Destiny was praised for being a prototype of a jury-friendly performer through her powerful and fabulous voice, strong vocal control and a long list of talent shows.

She will be appearing tonight in the semi-final for this year’s edition of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 and we are BUZZING.