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Heritage Malta gears up for summer

Ġgantija temples

Following several months of restricted opening hours and at times even complete closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Heritage Malta is now gearing up for summer with more frequent opening times at its sites and museums from the beginning of June until the end of October.

“The pandemic was a direct challenge to Heritage Malta’s mission of accessibility, forcing the agency to twice close its doors entirely to the public and to reopen with restricted admissions and opening hours. However, the agency was proactive and foresighted enough to rise to the occasion and adapt to the new circumstances. We now feel more prepared than ever before for the busiest season of the year and look forward to welcoming our visitors throughout a fruitful summer,” said Noel Zammit, Heritage Malta’s Chief Executive Officer.

Besides more frequent opening times, during the summer months Heritage Malta will also be regularly organising open days at sites that are normally kept closed to the public, and will be issuing various special offers to further enhance the visitor’s experience.

As has been the practice during the past months, all visits to Heritage Malta sites and museums will be conducted in strict adherence to Public Health regulations related to COVID-19.

Here’s the full list:

Open Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, from 10am to 16:30pm:

Għar Dalam

Photo: Heritage Malta

Domvs Romana

Għar Dalam and Borġ in-Nadur

Tarxien Temples

Inquisitor’s Palace

Domvs Romana

National Museum of Natural History

The Citadel museums and sites

Open all week except Tuesdays, 10am to 16:30pm:

Fort St Angelo

Ta' Kola windmill

The National Museum of Archaeology


The Palace Armoury

Fort St Elmo and the National War Museum

Ħaġar Qim and Mnajdra Temples

Fort St Angelo

St Paul’s Catacombs

Skorba and Ta’ Ħaġrat Temples

Ġgantija Temples

Ta’ Kola Windmill

Temporarily closed until further notice:

ta' bistra catacombs

The palace state rooms

Photo: Heritage Malta

Ta’ Bistra Catacombs Fortress

Builders Interpretation Centre

The Malta Maritime Museum

The Palace State Rooms

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