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Beach cleanup alert! Over 1000kg collected from Paradise Bay

Photo: Żibel | Facebook | Alex Turnbull

Over a thousand kilos of waste was collected at one of our favourite beaches, Paradise Bay, which is located on the northern side of the island.

The NGO Żibel, along with activist Raniero Borg, the Saving Our Blue campaign, Dive Systems and the Alfred Mizzi Foundation made their way to the picturesque bay to give it a scrub.

“Paradise Bay once again gave us impressive totals: 394 plastic bottles, 172 jerry cans, 95 shoes and 345kg of ropes in huge knots,” shared the NGO. “This location always reminds us of how amazing our volunteers are. Every year it is truly humbling to see the dedication and effort put in by everyone on the beach, underwater and sorting on land – our hearts go out to you.”

Photo: Żibel | Facebook | Alex Turnbull

In just four hours, a total of 40 volunteers collected 1,130.12 kilograms of waste, which included: 266.62kg of plastic, 345.5kg of fishing gear, 15.82kg of glass, 100.7kg of metal, 8.52kg of tyres, 71.12kg of wood, 20.4kg of cloth and another 301.44kg of mixed waste.

The clean-up was supported by Saving Our Blue, Ambjent, Ministry for The Environment, Climate Change and Planning and ERA, with the following sponsors: Raniero’s Adventures – Live Life, Dive Systems – Malta, Malta Tourism Authority, Dr Juice (MALTA), Clean Malta – Cleansing and Maintenance Division, Portughes Dry Cleaning and Paradise Watersports for their floating dock.

Here’s hoping we keep the bay in pristine condition from now on.

Photo: Żibel | Facebook | Alex Turnbull

Photo: Żibel | Facebook | Alex Turnbull

Check out what Żibel’s doing here.