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Drinkaware Malta launches ‘opening responsibly’ campaign

In light of the recent easing of the COVID-19 related restrictions, Drinkaware Malta is launching a campaign aptly titled Opening Responsibly, in collaboration with the Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association, spiritsEurope and the Malta Chamber of SMEs.

What’s the campaign all about?

Simple. The campaign will highlight the commitment of the hospitality sector to adopt a conscientious approach to re-opening, while at the same time encouraging consumers to be sensible and moderate, in terms of their alcohol consumption during the summer months.

Ray Grech, the director general of The Sense Group, the organisation that encourages moderation in terms of alcohol consumption through Drinkaware Malta, said: “The past 15 months or so have been hard for everyone, especially those who work in the hospitality sector. Now that it feels as if the worst is over, it is only natural for one to feel the need to celebrate. However, we know that we all share a collective responsibility and need to exercise a healthy modicum of common sense and awareness.”

“The vast majority of bars and restaurants are committed to Opening Responsibly and are being mindful of the current public health regulations when serving alcohol to customers. At the same time, our message is also aimed at adults who are being invited to ‘open’ or ‘order’ their preferred alcoholic beverage responsibly and consume moderately. This is an important message at an important time for our industry and the support of MHRA, spiritsEurope, and the Malta Chamber of SMEs highlights how seriously these responsibilities are being taken,” he said.

The Sense Group was founded back in 1997, with the general objective of promoting a moderate drinking message among the Maltese population. Over the years, the Group has been active through its campaigns to minimise alcohol abuse related harm through numerous, targeted initiatives, which are recognised as being among the best examples of corporate social responsibility in Malta.

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