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Brooke wears charles & ron in newly released music video

Brooke makes an official comeback and we can’t get enough of it

Local artist Brooke Borg ignites the dance fever with her return into the spotlight and the launch of her new music video Over, which has already garnered more than 65 thousand views in less than a week.

The song is an up-tempo pop tune, written by Brooke Borg herself, together with Jonathan Bellini, Olle Tidblom, Anna Mosten & Irma Eriksson.

The music video’s visuals were enjoyable as expected, and the showcase of the song’s choreography brought in even more delightful things to keep an eye on for the music video.

As expected from Brooke, aside from constantly delivering sure-hits, the fashion department is a sure-win too. She made her appearance in a number of dazzling outfits styled by local fashion house, Charles & Ron.

Our favourite is the fitted bodysuit in white stretch fabric with hand-beaded details on front, worn with a harness-style white and silver leather belt.

The music video was directed by Steven Levi Vella.

Brooke’s bold looks throughout the video, the catchy beat and the striking message to move on from unhealthy relationships have clearly made it a favourite in no time.